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Downey, California
STYLE: Progressive Rock
INFLUENCES: Mel Schacher, Gary Thain, Andy
MAIN BASS: 1969 Fender P-Bass

A VETERAN OF many different types of bands, Ted May has toured throughout the Midwest and South. performing everywhere from clubs to outdoor concerts and large theaters. His sense that he had to change his environment in order to advance his career led Ted to relocate to L.A., where he studied advanced bass techniques with former Racer X bassist John Alderete and established himself, as a member of several bands, as a fixture on the hard rock club circuit. Recently. he was awarded second place in the “Best Bassist Of L.A.” contest, sponsored by The Bass Centre and hard-rock radio station KNAC.

Ted recently released a cassette EP featuring his own high-energy progressive rock compositions. which showcase his incredible command of the bass. Using a wide variety of instruments. Ted lays down a foundation of multi-tracked bass work, ala Billy Sheehan, that uncannily like simulate keyboards and guitar. Virtually any rock bassist would find this phenomenal tape an inspiration.

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“The Nineties bring a new era of techniques, styles and equipment,” says Ted. “With the advent of five and six string basses extending the range of our instruments, and many companies making effects designed just for bass, one of my goals is to bring the bass guitar into the spotlight, not to replace lead guitar, but as an equal. My main goal, however, is to join a national recording act.”
ADDRESS: 11932 Paramount Blvd. #14,

Downey, CA, 90242

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Contact: Ted May, 11932 Paramount Blvd. #14, Downey, CA 90242, (310)923-2547.

PRODUCTION: The sound quality is clear and free of a lot of external noise, but the instruments seem to blend together. The vocals appear to be there but aren’t really the focal point of the tune as they should be. This is, however, easily corrected in the mix. A little re-working on this side of things should
the tunes. The band as a unit is tight, and the tunes, although similar, are held together well, in part due to the drummer, but also because of the familiarity of the players

SONGWRiTING: The songs are loud and strong, but they don’t explore the virtuosity of the musicians. As I said earlier, there is talent here. It lust needs to come out in the song and the mix.

SUMMARY: Ted May has attempted to reach out with his new approach at the bass. His tapping and other melodic works are a treat but often overshadowed by a poor mix.

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NAME - TED MAY ADDRESS: 11932 Paramount Blvd, #14

INFLUENCES: Steve Harris, Billy Sheehan, Geddy Lee
EQUIPMENT: 1969 Fender P-bass with Jackson J-20 pickups; custom-built rack with MIDI switching; custom-built cabinets; endorsed by: Hip-Shot D-Tuners, Pearce preamps, Carvin power amps and A.R.T signal processors

PERSONAL STATEMENT: Early in my career I studied for nine months with top St. Louis bassist Paul Dugan. I later took two years of music theory at a junior college and upon moving to Los Angeles, studied advanced bass techniques with John Alderete of Racer X. In 1990 1 took second place in the “Best Bassist of L.A. contest” sponsored by The Bass Center and

Screamer Magazine
Screamer Magazine - Sept. 1990
Ted took second place in the Best Bassist Of L.A. contest and describes his style as “Iron Maiden and Rush writing a tune, and then letting Billy Sheehan play the solos.’ The guys good, certainly one of the best I’ve ever heard!